Tattoo Removal

What is Permanent Tattoo Removal?

Now people do not need to have bad tattoos for life like bad scars. Thanks to texchnological advances one can get rid of their tattoo effectively and safely. Cosmotree Clinic is offering best permanent tattoo removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

tattoo removal

• Tattoo removal or permanent tattoo removal is the process by which the pigment which the tattoos are made of is broken down and removed.

• Tattoo removal is an intricate procedure as the tattoo ink is placed under your first layer, so getting rid of it completely requires very skilled professionals.

Cosmotree clinic brings to you the best tattoo removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru with highly trained staff and doctors.

Before getting your tattoo removed, certain things should be kept in mind:

• All tattoos are not equally created hence time, procedures and results may vary according to that.

• Dark colors are less challenging than colors like lighter ones like yellow and orange as these are most difficult to get rid of which are very difficult to deal with.

• If your tattoo is older, it is easier to remove than a fairly fresh one as there is more ink to remove from the skin.

Ways for removing a tattoo-

1) Non-surgical process like Laser therapy

2) Surgical Process such as Dermabrasion, Skin Grafting

At Cosmotree we thoroughly examine your skin, its texture and sensitivity etc to get a better understanding and personalize therapy in accordance to your skin and body needs, to give you the best results.

Laser Therapy(Non-Surgical):

Cosmotree clinic offers the best laser tattoo removal in Delhi. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most trusted methods, and has become the gold standard for getting rid of your tattoo permanently.

How does it work?

• Ink particles are hard to get rid of, and takes something as strong as a laser to remove them.

• A specialized laser known as a ultra short pulse laser is used.

• These lasers work by emitting extremely hot blasts in short, quick bursts to heat up and shatter apart the ink particles.


• Low risk

• Highly effective with no side-effects

• No scarring

• No surgery

Cosmotree Clinic, uses the latest technology and equipment and is done with a technique called explosive heating and features a Q-SWITCHED LASER.

Laser tattoo removal depends on several factors like:

• Size and color of the tattoo

• Color and texture of the skin

• The depth of the ink in the skin

Colors in a Tattoo:

• Certain colors like blue and black can be easily removed.

• Colors like yellow and orange are hard to get rid of.

Cosmotree Clinic specializes in specific process to get rid of colors like yellow and orange.


• Relatively pain less but everyone’s tolerance for pain is different.

• Patients might experience some discomfort like a hot rubber band continuously snapping against the skin.

How much Time:

• There should be a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions to give the skin enough time to heal between therapy and the body’s immune system to flush away ink particles.

• Mostly, it takes around 80 to 90 days to completely get the tattoo removed from the body.

Cosmotree Clinic offers the best and affordable laser tattoo removal in Delhi, to give results in the shortest period of time.

Post-Therapy care:

• Avoid sun exposure for few days.

• The laser treated area should be kept clean.

• Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin.

• Use a cool compress 24hrs after surgery.

• Avoid using harsh skin care products on the skin.

Skin Grafting(Surgical):

Skin grafting is a surgical method that is used for tattoo removal and is one of the fastest and effective options for permanent tattoo removal. This is done under anesthesia for the numbing purpose.

How is it done?

• This procedure involves cutting a piece of skin from another part of the body and sewing it over the tattoo.

• It is best suitable for smaller tattoo and removal can be done in a day.

• For bigger tattoos, several surgeries need to be performed.

• As the wound heals, the skin grows along with the natural skin.


• Highly effective for smaller tattoos.

• Offers improved precision.

• No sessions required, can be done in a day.

Post Therapy Precautions:

• No direct sun exposure.

• Wear a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 or higher to avoid excessive scarring.

• Apply cold packs and take prescribed pain medications or antibiotics.


• It involves abrading of the skin or exfoliating deeply to get rid of the tattoo pigment.

• A high-speed brush is used on the skin and is sanded down to reach and remove the ink stained skin.

• Will require multiple sessions.

• Overall, this procedure can work for small tattoos but is very limited when it comes to bigger pieces.

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